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Techniques of users

Hi there!!   It was not that cold today. If everyday were like this, winter was not so bad. I’m already scared of when we have a very cold day again though.     I wrote about some of the works that one of our customers made, and I’m writing about details of the train… Read more »

The works our customer made

Hi there!!   I thought it would be pretty warm but Yamanashi is so windy today.   I came back to Yamanashi that I was born and raised from Tokyo while ago, and some of my friends there ask me if Yamanashi is snowing…lol Our area doesn’t have snow that often.   Actually, Yamanashi doesn’t… Read more »

Tools that we use

Hi, there!!   Today I would like you to show the tools that we always carry.   Well, I still don’t have those yet, so I am starting to collect them.   I have no idea what I need, so I just go ahead check the bag that my boss sit right next to me… Read more »

Starting 2018 with Maintenance

Hi there and Happy New Year !! How was your New Year’s holidays ??   We are so sorry for inconveniences that we caused for new year’s holidays. However, we are so ready to provide you the best products and services 2018!!   So, its me, new employee again.   I just finished cleaning up… Read more »

Thank you for your support 2017

Hi there !!   It’s me again new employee. I just started working for this company, but I’m already done working 2017 lol   We had a great and successful year 2017 with your support. We appreciate you guys so much.   We are so ready to bring up some surprise new for you guys… Read more »

Long way to go to be a DIY QUEEN

Hi there!!   Its me, again. I wrote a blog before as a new employee.     How was your Christmas ?? Now New Year holiday is the one we can look forward to.     Well, I am very beginner of DIY and plus  clumsy , so it is long way to go to… Read more »

Learning about the type of laser

Hi there.   It’s me again, new employee. 2017 is almost over. 29th is going to be our last day to come to work this year.   Well, I just started working here not long ago so I shouldn’t say ” LAST DAY” loud, but I’m getting used to this job, and I’m welcoming 2018… Read more »

About parameter adjusting

Hi, there !!   Today, I would like to show you about adjusting parameter that you would have thoughts at least once if you are Fabool Laser Cutter user. Let’s see what kind of differences you see when you change the settings of parameter using Mini 3.5W.   I prepared 6 squares named A to… Read more »

안녕하세요!Came to Korean Fab Lab !!

안녕하세요! Hello there !! We came to Korea as a business trip. Is it cold there ?? Omg, it is so cold out here too.   So I head there is a fab lab here in Korea too so came here to check it out.   Fab lab is the place you can use analog/… Read more »

Is it too much for females ??

Hi, there !!   It is getting cold day by day here. I just recommend you to stay home all day long and create something with your laser cutter. Such a perfect weather for laser cutter, yay !!   Fortunately, we get so many orders from all over the world. However, there is a fact… Read more »