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Software Updated

  Updated FABOOL Software was earlier this month!     – What’s new – 1. Works with all of our machines. FABOOL Laser Mini Smart Laser Mini FABOOL Laser CO2 Smart Laser CO2   2. Set the number of repeated-processing in processing parameter area. ==> Easier cutting with repeated-processing.   3. Added “Progress Bar” that… Read more »

Cutting Shrink Plastic

  We received a number of inquiries whether the machine can cut shrinking plastic board. And here are the results of our trial! As it is often used for making scale-models so we mainly used 0.3mm thick board in gray, white, and clear. It turned out that the 0.3mm thick gray shrink plastic board is… Read more »

Laser cutter with Raspberry Pi 2 and monitor

We attached “Raspberry Pi 2 Model B” and “Raspberry Pi 7 inches monitor” to our product “Smart Laser Mini” (Laser cutter) Previously we attached RP2 to the laser cutter “ (see “Laser Cutter with Raspberry Pi 2”). So this time we attached 7 inches monitor for the “Smart Laser Mini”. Cut the acrylic and made… Read more »

Laser cutter with Raspberry Pi 2

Previously in Laser Cutter with iPad and Raspberry Pi we used laser cutter using Raspberry Pi. However, it turned out that starting GUI on Raspberry Pi and opening a browser at the same time is too heavy to carry out a regular operation. This time, finally we got the “Raspberry Pi 2 Model B”, so… Read more »

Laser cutter with iPad and Raspberry Pi

Regarding the Smart Laser Mini software Smart Laser Mini software is able to work with various OS operation environments such as Windows,Mac,Linux..! Smart Laser Mini software is separated with server side and the browser side In the same way as the general Web services.The server side is Python, and the browser side is HTML,CSS,JS Normally,the… Read more »

Connecting Google Chrome to Raspberry Pi

Connect Google Chrome to Raspberry Pi Hello! This time, using an extension of Google Chrome “Secure Shell”, and describes how to connect with SSH to the Raspberry Pi. Secure Shell is SSH connection software to install and use the Google Chrome.It can be easily connected in the same setting, even a different PC by installing… Read more »

Development software using Raspberry pi

Development software using Raspberry pi Hello! Are you interested in developing software? We are going to explain how to develop software using Raspberry Pi. First, install NetBeans to windows computer using remote development function and It will develop over the network to the Raspberry Pi. Programming language is C/C++. Setting Raspberry Pi Connect Raspberry Pi… Read more »

Raspberry Pi : 2.8 inches touch panel monitor

Raspberry Pi : 2.8 inches touch panel monitor Hello guys, we are going to introduce about Raspberry Pi : 2.8 inches touch panel monitor! Raspberry Pi is able to use remote control with many kinds of commands such as ssh command. But If the net work is out of service or initial setting time,It will… Read more »


Here is one of our awesome work examples using the Smart Laser Mini on PCB-Stencil. Material of the stencil is usually kapton sheet, but this time, we are going to use black polyester film sheet (Awning sheet). There is also clear color polyester film sheet, but Smart Laser Mini’s laser is blue color,so It’s best… Read more »