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Cutting Synthetic Paper


Check out the cutouts of synthetic paper cut with FABOOL Laser Mini!

Material: synthetic paper (pattern paper used for stencil)
Machine: FABOOL Laser CO2 / FABOOL Laser Mini 3.5W

Processing data:

Download the data here.

Processing Parameter

1. Synthetic Paper FABOOL Laser CO2

  • Speed: 1500F
  • Power: 30%

Processing time: about a minute and 3 seconds

2. Synthetic paper FABOOL Laser 3.5W

  • Speed: 500F
  • Power: 100%

Processing time: about 2 mins and 9 seconds

For the test with FABOOL Laser Mini, there are burns along the cutting line. To remove the burn marks, set the speed higher and do several repeats.
Alternatively, pasting masking tape on the surface helps preventing the burn marks as well!