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Engraved on MDF part 2

This is bigger size for engraving than last time MDF. Original picture Engraved on MDF

Engraved Leather

We engraved on leather Wallet Using “Smart Laser Mini”  Parameter F:500 100%

Engraving Anodized Aluminum

“Smart Laser Mini” can engrave on anodized aluminum sheet. You can make patterns by removing the anodized coating. Working Video (fast forward) Parameters F:300 100%

Greek Wall Art

“Smart Laser Mini” can cut any complex stuff. Download the data here

Engrave on MDF

You can engrave on MDF or many kinds of wood using assemble type desktop laser cutter ” Smart Laser Mini” To do the engraving, you need to paste the image file (BMP, PNG) to SVG file. Original Picture Engraving video (Fast forward) Engraved on MDF


Here is one of our awesome work examples using the Smart Laser Mini on PCB-Stencil. Material of the stencil is usually kapton sheet, but this time, we are going to use black polyester film sheet (Awning sheet). There is also clear color polyester film sheet, but Smart Laser Mini’s laser is blue color,so It’s best… Read more »

Handmade Spectroscope

Hello guys! I have a question to you. Have you ever thought of making the awesome”spectroscope” by yourself? If so, it’s time to make it for you. This “handmade Spectroscope” using the “Smart Laser Mini” which is awesome assemble type desktop laser cutter and engraver! The spectroscope, there is a spectroscope cover that opens slit… Read more »


Hello guys. We have made work examples with many kinds of materials using the “Smart Laser Mini” Our first working example is “Felt Fabric-cutting”. The “Smart Laser Mini” can cut along any complex shape, for example, animal figure data files with various colors of felt materials. You can download the SVG data files (we used… Read more »