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Cutting Shell Sheets with FABOOL Laser Mini

  See the result of cutting shell sheets! Material: Shell sheet (shell of abalone) Thickness: 0.3mm Machine:FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W, 3.5W Processing Data: Data can be downloaded from here. 1. FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W Processing parameter Shell sheet (with coating sheet) Speed: 100F Power: 100% Repeat: 2 times Processing time: 4’24” Can be cut with… Read more »

Engraving Plastic and Glasses Temple with FABOOL Laser Mini

  Check out the result of engraving black plastic (frame of glasses) and glass (lens of glasses). Material:Temple of glasses(Cellulose acetate 60-80%, Diethyl phthalate 20-40%) Lens of glasses (plastic), lens of sunglasses (plastic) Thickness:Temple of glasses 4mm Lens of glasses 4mm, lens of sunglasses 4mm Machine:FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W Processing Data: You can download the data… Read more »

Cutting Synthetic Leather and Adhesive Felt

  Check out the result of sample cutting of synthetic leather and adhesive felt! Material: synthetic leather (white), adhesive felt (white, raised polyester) Thickness: synthetic leather 1mm and 2mm adhesive leather 0.5mm Machine: FABOOL Laser Co2 Processing data: This data is available for download here. Processing Parameter 1. Synthetic leather 1mm Speed: 1500F Power: 15%… Read more »

FABOOL Laser CO2 Released Globally!

Today the world’s largest ready-to-assemble style laser cutter and engraver – FABOOL Laser CO2 – is finally launched globally! *Please note that due to restrictions we will not be shipping to EU countries at this moment. It uses 40W CO2 laser, which is much powerful than the FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W or 3.5W models, and… Read more »

Offline Software is now available!

  Hi! Offline version of the FABOOL Software is now released! If you are using the browser in English, the software will also appear in English.     The basic operation is the same as the online version, but it requires you to install the updated driver even if you have already installed the older… Read more »

English Version of the Software is now Released!

The long-awaited English version of the FABOOL Software is now released! Until now the software was available only in Japanese and we had been asking users to use the translation feature on the browser to translate it into any language they want. But now, if you are using the browser in English the software will… Read more »

Cutting and Engraving Rubber and Rubber Cork

  Have you ever tried cutting rubber or rubber cork or are interested in cutting them? Check out the result! Material: nitrile rubber (a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene), rubber cork Thickness: nitrile rubber 2mm, 3mm / rubber cork 3mm Machine: FABOOL Laser CO2 Processing data: You can download the data here…. Read more »

Cutting and Engraving PE film with laser cutter

We are introducing the sample processing result of PE film! Material: PE film (green, often used in Japanese lunch boxes as accessory) Thickness: 0.3mm Machine: FABOOL Laser CO2 / FABOOL Laser Mini (1.6W model) Processing Data: These can be downloaded from here. Parameters 1. FABOOL Laser CO2 – Engraving Speed: 4000F     Power: 15%    Processing time:… Read more »

Engraving Poly-carbonate with Laser Cutter

Ever wondered how it turns out after engraving poly-carbonate with laser cutter? Check out the result of the sample testing! Material: Poly-cabonate (white) Machine: FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W Parameters Speed: 1500mm/min Laser power: 100% Repeating: 1 This is the original data. See pictures for the result. The parameters above are for the best outcome, which… Read more »

Container with FABOOL Laser Mini has Arrived!

Hi everyone! A 40 feet container that carried FABOOL Laser Mini has arrived! We are sending containers directly to our office. The day started with unloading of hundreds of goods. As we do not have a forklift, we used this pallet jack, trying to balance and not to fall! Repeating the plain and simple up… Read more »