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Techniques of users

Hi there!!


It was not that cold today.

If everyday were like this, winter was not so bad.

I’m already scared of when we have a very cold day again though.



I wrote about some of the works that one of our customers made, and I’m writing about details of the train which was hard to believe it was made of paper.



Here is the planing drawings.





Each parts are ordered very closely, and making sure he doesn’t waste materials.


This train, you can feel weight.

That is one of the reasons why I couldn’t believe it was paper.

The secret of weight is “stacking” some pieces of paper just like the picture below.




Can you see  3 pieces are stacked ??


Check out the shape of train roof.

It is curving.


Let’s see the behind of the roof.



There are so many lines engraved.


Those lines on the planning drawings were for making a curve.




This technique, you also can use to woods.


If you put lines just like the picture…




Then you can fold just like this !!




Creation is limitless whenever you have more techniques !!

Please try out this one.