Engraving, Etching, & Cutting

Everything you need without the enormous price tag.

Extremely Affordable Entry-Level Model.

FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W/3.5W

The FABOOL Laser Mini is known for its price. It is very affordable for a laser cutter, so we highly recommend this one if you are a beginner at laser cutting. Comes in two power level options.

Powerful CO2 laser tube with the ability to cut clear acrylic.


The FABOOL Laser CO2 is a mounted CO2 laser tube. This laser is capable of cutting materials up to 0.39" thick. The work area is 23.6×17.3 inches, so you can work with larger materials.

The most powerful model in the FABOOL series with the most DIY capabilities.


The FABOOL Laser DS has the most powerful laser in the FABOOL series with the largest working area. Capable of cutting materials up to 0.59" thick.

Create high-quality personalized gifts or just add some embellishments to your everyday items.

Make your products stand out from the crowd. Improve your workflow and advance your creative designs with FABOOL Laser’s advanced technology.

Take your branding to the next level. Whether you’re looking to promote your business, event, team, or organization, FABOOL Laser helps you brand and personalize just about anything you need.

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