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A man uses Desktop Laser Cutter

Engraving, Etching, & CuttingAll of the things you need without an enormous price tag.

About FABOOL Laser Mini

What is a laser cutter?

A laser cutter is a fabrication tool that cuts and engraves various materials with laser beams. To use a FABOOL laser, all you have to do is import data from the computer software, and the laser cutter will complete the task. With a laser cutter, you can save a large amount of time on a project that would have otherwise been taken longer.

A man uses FABOOL Laser mini
FABOOL Laser mini cuts wood

To the average person, our FABOOL Laser cutter is quite affordable. We set our prices low so that people have more opportunities to make their creative ideas a reality.

How can our FABOOL Laser benefit you?

You can make something that you couldn't.

Our FABOOL lasers can cut your DIY process in half. For projects that are difficult to make by hand, the FABOOL Laser line can do with ease.

FABOOL efficiently creates new products in a timely manner.

Save your time. Save your money.

Outsourcing something uses more time and costs more money. Why order business cards, price tags, name badges, and everything else for your business at multiple places, when the FABOOL laser can do all it for you at home?

Making products with FABOOL saves time and money.

What can I make with FABOOL?

Let's see what FABOOL Laser cutter can make actually.

Panda's paper art is held

Paper Cutting

Building diorama made by wood

Model Structures & Prototypes

Leather with laser engraved

Engraving Leather

Etched iphone by laser cutter

iPhone & other Aluminite Materials

Etched fabrics by laser cutter

Denim & other Fabrics

An acrylic computer stand

Clear Materials (CO2)

Light shade made with paper

3D Shapes

A chair made with woods



There are three types of FABOOL laser cutters. Each one is uniquely designed to cut materials of different thicknesses.

Desktop Laser Cutter from front

Extremely Affordable FABOOL Laser Entry Model.

FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W/3.5W

Work area 11.8 × 9.0inch(300 × 230mm)
Size of equipment 21.2 × 19 × 5.5inch(540 × 485 × 140mm)
Maximum thickness for cutting 1.6W/0.08inch (2mm)3.5W/0.15inch (4mm)
Price 1.6W/$598 / 3.5W/$848

The FABOOL Laser Mini is known for its price. It is very affordable for a laser cutter, so we highly recommend you this one if you are a beginner at laser cutting. We have 2 kinds of laser power for the FABOOL Laser Mini.

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CO2 Laser Cutter from front

Has a strong CO2 laser tubeIs able to cut clear acrylic.


Work area 23.6 × 17.3inch(600 × 440mm)
Size of equipment 35.8 × 32.2 × 14.9inch(910 × 820 × 380mm)
Maximum thickness for cutting 0.39inch (10mm)
Price $2,598

The FABOOL Laser CO2 is mounted CO2 laser tube. This laser cutter is capable of cutting materials that are 0.39" thick. The work area is 23.6×17.3 inches, which means you can work with larger materials.

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High Power Laser Cutter from front

The strongest model in FABOOL series. Has the most DIY capabilities.


Work area 41.3 × 24.8inch(1050 × 630mm)
Size of equipment 55.1 × 41.3 × 12.6inch(1400 × 1050 × 320mm)
Maximum thickness for cutting 0.59inch (15mm)
Price $5,380

The FABOOL Laser DS has the biggest power and work area in FABOOL series and is capable of cutting materials that are 0.59" thick.

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