September, 2017

Exhaust Fan vs Dust Collector

Hi guys. Have you already checked our new product FABOOL Dust Collector? Today we will be answering about a question related to the dust collector from customers.   Which one is suitable for me, Exhaust Fan and FABOOL Dust Collector ? Exhaust Fan and Dust Collector have the similar function to decrease smoke and smell,… Read more »

Preparation for Hobbyshow in Tokyo

Hi there. Now we are preparing for a big hobby and model event, Hobbyshow (link is in Japanese), held in Tokyo Big Site next week. Today’s preparation work is the layout of our booth. We have already designed it, but it did not work well. Actual arrangement was much different with the designed layout in… Read more »

FABOOL Dust Collector Introduction

  Hello guys. As we posted the previous article, we will be launched a new product “FABOOL Dust Collector” for FABOOL Laser Mini in October. (At this stage, we will sell it only in Japan) Accordingly, this blog will be introducing this helpful product in two articles. This article will be explaining the outline and… Read more »

Total Control of FABOOL with Raspberry pi

Hi there. Currently the season in Japan is between Summer and Autumn, so the weather and temperature are unsettled. Anyway, we are now preparing for a big show event named Hobbyshow (link is in Japanese) in Tokyo Big Site from 30th September to 1st October.   Our booth is quite spacious, about 6x4m so that… Read more »

Smart Shipping Operation

Hi guys. Today’s article is about the shipping process. This is a sequel to the article about our warehouse. The packages which has been delivered from China are not enough to ship to customers because they lack some parts. It needs some operations by our shipping team; 1. Check a laser unit and 2. Pack… Read more »

Win the best of TOP10 Laser Cutting Blogs

  Hi there. We have got an honor. This blog has been selected Top 40 Laser Cutting Blogs on the planet, and ranks 10th ! We are very delightful and say thank you to visitors coming to our blog. The blogs are ranked based on following criteria. Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and… Read more »

Smart Warehouse

Hello there! Today we show our exciting warehouse. The burdens which are stocked here are shipped from China once every two months.   Almost all products are shipped from here to customers. You may be a next customer who gets one of these laser cutter kits.   These are our special forklifts. Although yellow one… Read more »

New Product “FABOOL Dust Collector”

  “FABOOL Dust Collector” will be launched in October. This product is specially designed for FABOOL Laser Mini, which is our laser cutter, and was unveiled at Maker Faire Tokyo this August.   FABOOL Dust Collector has functions to suction smoke with a big fan, and reduce the smell that comes out during cutting and… Read more »

Railway Model Making with Laser Cutter

Hello. Mr. Nobuaki Ishii who met us at JAM convention (International railway model convention) held at Tokyo Big Sight has come to our head office! Mr. Ishii has been making Railway Model for 50 years since 14 years old. He brought his works and told about their frameworks.   Although it is hard to recognize, laser… Read more »

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