About parameter adjusting

Hi, there !!


Today, I would like to show you about adjusting parameter that you would have thoughts at least once if you are Fabool Laser Cutter user.

Let’s see what kind of differences you see when you change the settings of parameter using Mini 3.5W.


I prepared 6 squares named A to F and engrave those with different numbers of parameter.

The material is balsa wood (2mm thickness).



* I realized this while I was working on this, but this material was curving to inside little bit as in the picture, so it had focal length.


My boss advised me to use masking tape or magnet to avoid that issue so I make sure I won’t forget next time.


The settings of parameter;

A (3000/100)

B (1000/100)

C (500/100)

D (100/80)

E (50/50)

F (1000/30)

*() Speed / Laser Power


I did 1 time, 2 times and 3 times for each.

What kind of differences we would see ??




Those squares had fast speed setting like A and B weren’t engraved much even though laser power was 100%.

When I repeated 3 times, it’s finally engraved strong.


Those very slow ones like D and F, I saw a fire, and it was burned up from the first time.



Next, let’s cut off and compare how cross section would look.


Repeated putting laser till it gets cut off.



Parameter settings;

100/100 twice

500/100 5 times

1000/100 10 times

2000/100 20 times


The first one 100/100 was burned up like you can see in the picture.

2000/100, I had to repeat 20 times, but there was no burnt and looked pretty good.


This time I used balsa plywood, so I still felt differences on the same wood because plywood has differences of density on each parts.


If you try to use plywood, please check the density and grains before you start so you would’t waste your material for unexpected results.


As new employee, I still have a long long way to go to be a DIY Queen or whatever I want to call myself lol, but I had a great comparison of the parameters.


Let’s find out the best parameters together :)))

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