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Making a Rubber stamp using Desktop Laser Cutter

We made a rubber stamp using rubber thick sheet.( You can find the thick rubber sheet in home depot.) Working Parameter is F:400,100% and just once procession. Important point is that the material is rubber, It is required making data files reversing from left to right. Flip horizontal procession image data file After made it,… Read more »

Making smartphone case using felt material

Making smartphone case on felt material using Smart Laser Mini. It can be stitched cut the red and green felt materials. Felt is very soft material, It is very difficult to make Fine patterns by hands. Smart Laser Mini is cut by Machine control, so It can be cut correctly, easily and It will make… Read more »

Engraved on Cork

We gonna engrave on cork at this time. Smart Laser Mini can be engraved circular stuff to a point as a cork. It can not work If the focal length is too far. Working video (fast forward)

Cut on drawing paper for making paper cut-outs: part 2

Here is the result of cut-outs part 2!!! It looks excellent with a frame.

Cut on drawing paper for making paper cut-outs : part 1

We Challenged making paper cut-outs using Smart Laser Mini. Used black color drawing paper and white paper. Reproduced the panda by overlaying the white paper . Working video (fast forward) You can download the SVG file data here

Engraved on iPad mini

Engraved on Aluminum body of iPad mini using the “Smart Laser Mini” Parameter F:300 100%

Engraved on Leather part 2

We engraved on leather! Setting F:1000 20% Original image data files

Engraved Leather

We engraved on leather Wallet Using “Smart Laser Mini”  Parameter F:500 100%

Engraving Anodized Aluminum

“Smart Laser Mini” can engrave on anodized aluminum sheet. You can make patterns by removing the anodized coating. Working Video (fast forward) Parameters F:300 100%

Engrave on MDF

You can engrave on MDF or many kinds of wood using assemble type desktop laser cutter ” Smart Laser Mini” To do the engraving, you need to paste the image file (BMP, PNG) to SVG file. Original Picture Engraving video (Fast forward) Engraved on MDF

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