Challenge to engrave acrylic

Hi there !!


Today, I am challenging to engrave acrylic using CO2 machine.

The acrylic I use is 2.5mm thickness, and the color is clear.


Uploading data…


Yes, I’m engraving our company logo.


When I uploaded first, these letters showed up only with outline.

I had to fill the letters on inkscape, and here is the introduction.

If you have a same issue, please check it out.


I have written about the differences of lasers between Mini and CO2, and I’m showing the inside of laser tube.



You see this red laser beam ??

It is a laser.

This laser made in this tube goes around thru lens, then we move the laser how we want.

So if you put your hand in where the laser pass thru, it could be really dangerous!!

Please make sure the cover is closed when it is used.




Parameter has been set as 1300/30 ( speed / power ), one time processing, for engraving.

At the last, I’m cutting out around that logo.

Parameter for cutting is 800/100 3 times processing.






Oh well…


So I can see those black spot which is burnt.

I didn’t have to process 3 times.

Also, I can see cracks around the letters that happened when acrylic got shrunk after the heating process.


So what we could do to avoid these problems ??

Some acrylics have protection paper on it, and make sure you process with it, don’t take it off.

If that acrylic doesn’t have paper on it, its okay, just use masking tape instead.


If you really want to make sure, leave that paper on and put the masking tape on it so its extra secure.

It just take a few seconds to fix these problems, so I make sure I do these things next time.


My first try of acrylic didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but I could operate CO2 machine easily.

It is big, and has different laser, but the way you use is same as Mini.


I need to try this again.


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