Peeking into R&D Room 2 –Cutting Metal with 100W Laser–


Peeking into R&D Room #2 is here!
Today we are introducing our trial to cut a metal sheet with 100W laser.


It requires quite a lot of power to cut metal with laser.

Our 40W laser cutter is not even close to cut or engrave metals as they are highly reflective.


However our longing for cutting metals with laser never faded away. So this time we tried cutting metals with 100W laser, much higher and stronger power.



Check out the processing movie here.


Although it was difficult to cut only with the power of laser, we succeeded with the help of oxygen!



This is the cut metal.



Development continues to provide more fun and excitement through laser cutting and engraving.

**Please note that 40W laser cutter (FABOOL Laser CO2) cannot cut metals.

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