Development software using Raspberry pi

Development software using Raspberry pi

Hello! Are you interested in developing software?
We are going to explain how to develop software using Raspberry Pi.
First, install NetBeans to windows computer using remote development function and It will develop over the network to the Raspberry Pi. Programming language is C/C++.

Setting Raspberry Pi

Connect Raspberry Pi to the network then enable ssh.

For the ssh, run the “raspi-config”command on the root user then setting “Advanced Options → SSH” to Enable.

Setting Windows

Connect windows computer to the same network as Raspberry Pi, then install NetBeans C/C++ version. How to install NetBean

Registration of Raspberry Pi

      Start NetBeans, right-click the “C/C ++ build host” of the services tab.

      Choose”Add new host”

      Insert the Raspberry Pi host name or IP address.

      For log-in,insert registration Raspberry Pi user name.

      For the “Default tool collection” or “Access to project files in the following ways” please keep the default.

      Raspberry Pi will resister to “C/C++ build・host”. Development command such as C compiler will set up automatically.

Creating a project

      Choose the new project, then choose “Sample→C/C++” to ” Welcome”

      Setting “Project name” and “Project repository” then choose Raspberry Pi on the ” build host”

      The project will resister on the project tab.

      For running a program, forward the project to Raspberry Pi.You can check such as the value of the break point and variable even the project is running on the Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi is difficult to run for Integrated development environment because of the powerless. But to use the remote development function of Netbeans, you can create a program with faster speed Windows computer.

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