New Official English Website Launched!

Long-awaited English website is now launched!
Thank you all for your patience.

Now please enjoy exploring the world of laser cutting and engraving from here.


We are now selling FABOOL Laser Mini, which collected the highest amount ever in the history of Japanese crowdfunding.
Along with the main body, its optional products such as Safety Cover and Expansion Kit are also available!

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As for the payment method, at this moment we can only accept payments via Paypal, but payments with credit card will be available in October! Sorry for the inconvenience. We will have it as soon as possible.

As for the FABOOL Laser CO2 (ex-Smart Laser CO2), it will be on sale as soon as it is ready to be shipped overseas; we are making final adjustments. (estimated around November 2016.)

We will be making press release and marketing toward overseas so please pay attention.

We are looking forward to receiving your order!

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