Exhaust Fan vs Dust Collector

Hi guys.

Have you already checked our new product FABOOL Dust Collector?

Today we will be answering about a question related to the dust collector from customers.


Which one is suitable for me, Exhaust Fan and FABOOL Dust Collector ?

Exhaust Fan and Dust Collector have the similar function to decrease smoke and smell, but each suitable people is different.

We will show you what type of people is better to use each products.


Best for people with Exhaust Fan Kit

  • I want to set up exhaust environment cheaply

  • I have a relatively spacious working room with exhaust environment

  • My Neighborhood does not mind smell and smoke from my working room

  • I often cut and engrave a material that emit strong bad smell and much smoke

Exhaust fan is much cheaper than dust collector. It is a better choice if you have exhaust environment and no one minds smoke and bad smell near your house.

In addition, if a material emit disgusting smell and/or smoke, it can move them to the outside.


Best for people with FABOOL Dust Collector

  • I do not have exhaust environment such as no window or no exhaust port

  • My Neighborhood minds smell and smoke from my working room

  • I want to put my laser cutter in anyplace I like

  • I have interests in environment problem

The dust collector can ease bad smell and smoke in indoor environment. It is suitable for people who care of the neighborhood and environment issue with emitting smoke to the outside.

Furthermore, this product is to just attach with FABOOL Laser Mini so that you can set it in any place.


*FABOOL Dust collector will be sold only in Japan (as of 25/Sep/2017)

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