New Product “FABOOL Dust Collector”


“FABOOL Dust Collector” will be launched in October. This product is specially designed for FABOOL Laser Mini, which is our laser cutter, and was unveiled at Maker Faire Tokyo this August.


FABOOL Dust Collector has functions to suction smoke with a big fan, and reduce the smell that comes out during cutting and engraving by the exhaust system including a dust collecting filter and activated charcoal filter.
Those filters are cartridge type, so you can easily do maintenance.


This nice product is suitably used in locations such as a home where you do not want to get smoke and tar.
Now we are proceeding with the preparation for the launching and will start to advance order from the middle month of September.

Please consider this fantastic product for FABOOL Laser Mini users.


FABOOL Dust Collector for FABOOL Laser Mini

  • Included in the package
    FABOOL Dust Collector Kit (including dust collecting filter and activated charcoal filter)
    Start-up guide
  • Compatible Models: FABOOL Laser Mini (1.6W model, 3.5W model)
    * You cannot use Safety Cover and Frame Set for Expansion with FABOOL Dust Collector.
  • Price  US$ 298.00 (not including tax)


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