Container with FABOOL Laser Mini has Arrived!

Hi everyone!

A 40 feet container that carried FABOOL Laser Mini has arrived!
We are sending containers directly to our office.

The day started with unloading of hundreds of goods.


As we do not have a forklift, we used this pallet jack, trying to balance and not to fall!
Repeating the plain and simple up and down work for 18 times.


Unloading finished!
I guess we gained some good chance to workout because we are sitting all day long, everyday.

These packages will be shipped after filling in additional parts at our office.

You might think our works is mostly done while sitting, but when we have a number of shipments, it’s a completely different story; what matters is the physical strength, especially for FABOOL Laser CO2!

More exciting news is coming soon.
…Stay tuned!

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