Global Source 2017 in Hong Kong

Hello Guys!

Today’s topic is also Exhibition. The last post is a domestic event, but this time is a trade fair in overseas.

It is Global Source Electronics held in Asia World Expo from Oct.11 to 14.

Asia World Expo


The event is the world’s largest electronics trade fair which is held every Spring and Autumn. Buyers from a lot of countries come to check and purchase good products.

There are some particular events such as Fashion, Gift & Home, and Consumer Electronics. Of course, we took part in Consumer Electronics.


smartDIYs Booth in Global Source

Fortunately, many visitors like Buyers, Exhibitors, and Press came to our booth to see FABOOL Laser Mini.

The buyers know well about laser beam machine, so that we received good questions and useful advice. For instance, “What type of laser does this product use?” “Is the laser cutter used with blah-blah-blah? If so, customers like it for sure! ”

smartDIYs booth in Global Source


As with Hobbyshow, we gave the visitors a demonstration of the laser cutter with the paper panda. The demonstration with Chinese animal drew many attention from passing people in Global Source as well.

Not only the visitors but also the staff members of Global Source came to our booth with a speaker for a Conference. They like our product and the paper panda. Also, they came to honor FABOOL Laser Mini 3.5W model as an ANALYST’S CHOICE, and we were happy to receive it.

Analyst's choice for FABOOL Laser Mini


This exhibition is the last event that we participate in this year.

We will continue to send information about upcoming exhibitions through this blog.

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