Handmade Spectroscope

Hello guys!
I have a question to you. Have you ever thought of making the awesome”spectroscope” by yourself? If so, it’s time to make it for you.
This “handmade Spectroscope” using the “Smart Laser Mini” which is awesome assemble type desktop laser cutter and engraver!

The spectroscope, there is a spectroscope cover that opens slit for capturing the lights, Also It’s required a diffraction grating for spectrally separating light and the sensors that measure sensitivity of the spectrometer light.

Following these stuff

1, Cover : Cut black drawing paper using the ” Smart Laser Mini ”
2, A diffraction grating : Cutting DVD or CD disk with scissors.
3, Sensor : Smartphone Camera

To make the spectroscope cover, cut the black drawing paper with the “Smart laser Mini”

Please download the SVG file for Spectroscope cover here

Load Smart Laser Mini’s soft ware then please set with black drawing paper.

Start processing

You can cut along any shape from data files as in this picture. It looks really beautiful.

Also It can be cut to the slit parts correctly.

Please refer to this “assemble type small Spectroscope kit, assemble version.ref=”http://www.smartdiys.cc/blog/foldable-mini-spectrometer-assembly/”>

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