Hobbyshow 2017

Hi there.

There were a couple of big exhibitions inside and outside the country this month.

One is Hobbyshow held in Tokyo Big Site that we posted an article about the preparation before.

Another is Global Source in Asia World Expo in Hong Kong.

Today’s article is about Hobbyshow!


One of the big events for hobby fan was held from 29th Sep. to 1st Oct. A lot of hobby products and/or model lovers came to the event, and also came to our booth.

smartDIYs booth before the opening

(the quiet atmosphere in the booth before the opening.)



smartDIYs booth after the opening

(the booth crowded with hobby products and/or model lovers after the opening)


As you can see the previous post, we exhibited our products below.


  • FABOOL Laser Mini

  • FABOOL Laser Mini with Safety Cover

  • FABOOL Dust Collector

  • FABOOL Laser CO2

  • FABOOL Laser DS


Fortunately our booth gained popularity among the visitors. They were quite interested in how to use the laser cutter properly for modeling and customizing hobby products, and amazed at the railway model by Mr. Ishii.

passing people with high interest in railway model

(The railway model caught a lot of attention among passing people, and they snapped photos of it)


And we gave the visitors a demonstration of our laser cutter. We showed them how to make a paper panda with the laser beam machine.

The feedback was pretty good, and one of the visitors said ” I was very surprised that a laser cutter can create a small details and accurate artwork!”


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