Is it too much for females ??

Hi, there !!


It is getting cold day by day here.

I just recommend you to stay home all day long and create something with your laser cutter.

Such a perfect weather for laser cutter, yay !!


Fortunately, we get so many orders from all over the world.

However, there is a fact I cannot figure out.

Its most users are male.

I guess handiwork is kind of “man thing” but this DIY thing is getting popular these days…

( You see #DIYQUEEN on social media right ??)



Does “Assemblage Laser Cutter” sound like too complicated for women ??


There are so many ways to use laser cutter, and for women it could be even more ways than men.

Such as for cooking, baking, clothes and so on.

It is going to be a perfect hobby that you can start with your partner.


So, let’s see if even a female just like me can make it to assemble all these parts.

Me? I just started working here like a week ago, and definitely not that type of woman is into about this type of handiwork.

( I have assembled some small furniture came from famous brand but I had hard time to complete lol )


Let’s start to see how our customers feel.

The package looks nice, stylish, and not heavy at all that you can hold with your one arm.


I was little nervous to open brand new box.



And I see so many parts in it.

I was like ” OMG it is complicated already!!”

BUT there was a piece of paper looks very simple and explain all of these little parts.


It explains which part is what with a picture of inside of the box so you wouldn’t be lost.

( If you are not Japanese, you will get English one so no worries )


What a relief.


Also, even screws have details.


Then I access to our website to see the manual to get all together.

That manual shows me all steps with pictures so all I have to do is following, well, do exact same things as a pictures.



I was wondering if I could make it by the time I go home, but  I beat it with 5 hours or so.


What a feeling !!!!!


Like I said earlier, I’m not good at this type of thing so I was very impressed and felt so special.


Then I downloaded software from the website, upload the image I want, and adjust the parameter.







Okay, here is my first work.


I engraved the picture of leopard on the wood.

The picture color tone looks little weak because I was in rush to get this work done, but it is not that bad for first work. (right lol ??)



I want to keep going with more materials, and I want to make a nice clothes one day.

I update how my practice goes here so please stay tunes, and show me some love !!


I will be waiting on your advise and experiences.





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