Engraving Plastic and Glasses Temple with FABOOL Laser Mini

Check out the result of engraving black plastic (frame of glasses) and glass (lens of glasses).

Material:Temple of glasses(Cellulose acetate 60-80%, Diethyl phthalate 20-40%)
Lens of glasses (plastic), lens of sunglasses (plastic)

Thickness:Temple of glasses 4mm
Lens of glasses 4mm, lens of sunglasses 4mm

Machine:FABOOL Laser Mini 1.6W

Processing Data

You can download the data here.

Processing parameter

1. Temple of glasses 4mm

  • Speed: 800F
  • Power 10%

Processing time:about 18 seconds

2. Lens of glasses 4mm

  • Speed: 500F
  • Power: 100%

Processing parameter: about 35 seconds

As the machine is equipped with light-emitting laser diode, it is difficult to process materials that are transparent, semi-transparent, white, or blue due to laser beam transmission.
Or even if it can be cut or engraved, it might be uneven.

3. Lens of sunglasses 4mm

  • Speed: 500F
  • Power: 100%

Processing time: about 35 seconds


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