Laser cutter with iPad and Raspberry Pi


Regarding the Smart Laser Mini software

Smart Laser Mini software is able to work with various OS operation environments such as Windows,Mac,Linux..!

Smart Laser Mini software is separated with server side and the browser side In the same way as the general Web services.The server side is Python, and the browser side is HTML,CSS,JS

Normally,the server side and browser side works with the same device but It can work with other device.If you run the network setup, you can operate the unit remotely.

In the present circumstances, the Smart Laser Mini can work with only Windows and Mac but this laser cutter has quite incorporate the open-source technology so that It can work easily on variety of environments.

Smart Laser Mini and computer

Would be great If the computer is exclusive use and control of Smart Laser Mini. The Smart laser Mini can work with normally using notebook computer but It can not restart or move during machining.
If you buy expensive computer for only using laser cutter, we think that is waste of money.

We are going to try to work with the Smart Laser Mini using Raspberry Pi. Sever side and browser side separately for other device and going to use iPad for browser side device.

To compose

Connect the laser cutter control board and Raspberry Pi with USB cable,and Raspberry Pi will be connected to the network via adopter. You can access to Raspberry Pi If the ipad connects to the same network.


Raspberry Setting pi side

The Raspberry Pi is pre-installed in the standard so it was easy to prepare.
Install necessary Python library then install Smart Laser Mini software.Connect Smart Laser Mini controller and Raspberry Pi with USB cable then start the software.


Setting iPad side

You do not need to set for the iPad at all… Use the standard Safari. Start the Safari,then insert Raspberry Pi IPaddress, then the connection is complete.



We tried to be worked using Raspberry Pi to the server side, the iPad to the browser side with the Smart Laser Mini. It succeed to work but there was a one point problem.
Although It could read working date files that is stored on the server side, but unfortunately It couldn’t read the files from iPad..


We researched for the problem……..
We found that the iPad can not upload other than the image in Safari browser..BTW,,we have never heard that there is no file manager on iPad..
After researching,,,iCab Mobile browser can be uploaded. We will try to work the Smart Laser Mini using the iCab Mobile for next time 🙂 Also will try whether the iPad can create a SVG file!

Smart Laser Mini

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