Learning about the type of laser

Hi there.
It’s me again, new employee.
2017 is almost over.
29th is going to be our last day to come to work this year.
Well, I just started working here not long ago so I shouldn’t say ” LAST DAY” loud, but I’m getting used to this job, and I’m welcoming 2018 with great feelings.
Today, I’m taking off from “doing some thing” with the cutter, and let me introduce you our products’ type.
Well, people have been reading this blog may think “Why now ??” but please stick with this new employee little while lol
We have 3 kinds of products.

1:Fabool laser Mini
2:Fabool Laser CO2
3:Fabool Laser DS

All I knew about the differences between these were ” Mini is basic, CO2 is stronger and DS is strongest”
Well it is not wrong, but the laser Mini has and the laser CO2 and DS have are totally different kinds.
The laser Mini has is called diode laser, and is used  semiconductor, so it is also called  semiconductor laser.
The body of diode laser is very very small!!
It is very small and work with very little energy that’s why it is used for  information appliances around us such as copy machines, laser printers and so on.
For more information, this laser is also used for hair laser removal most of the time.
Mini is this much handy because of these reasons.

Mini would be enough for people are very beginner for laser cutter just like me, well, actually Mini can cut and engrave basic materials with small space, so I say it is more than enough, I mean perfect.
If you are looking for something more than Mini, CO2 is the one for you.
A semiconductor is used for diode laser , but on the other hand CO2 has Carbon Dioxide laser which is also called CO2 laser.
Product name CO2 came from Carbon Dioxide, now I know.
(I hated science class but I know this lol )

This laser is very useful, stable and strong, but you need the gas tube to make this laser so CO2 machine is much bigger than Mini.
Also, the way to put laser is different than Mini.

For Mini, the laser head move to emit laser but gas tube is too big to move like that so laser is passed to mirror to mirror and emit.
The laser go thru this mirror at the end.
So if this mirror is not at the best position or it is dirty, you cannot expect perfect performance.
An assembling is going to be more complicated and gets more expensive than Mini, but you are going to have much more materials that you can process.

And finally, DS is the one you can expect more power than CO2.
The type of laser and the way it operate are totally same one as CO2.

But the power is going to be 2X bigger than CO2, so laser tube is also going to be 2X.
gas_tube_for DS
It is powerful like a DinoSaur !!
I need to check this dinosaur out asap!!
I write the report here soon :)))

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