Long way to go to be a DIY QUEEN

Hi there!!


Its me, again. I wrote a blog before as a new employee.



How was your Christmas ??

Now New Year holiday is the one we can look forward to.



Well, I am very beginner of DIY and plus  clumsy , so it is long way to go to call myself “DIY queen”, but I’m writing about my works I done.

( Last time, I assembled mini someway somehow )



I’m using mini looking at CO2 and DS out of the corner of my eyes.

I’m not saying CO2 and DS are too difficult for me to use (The way you operate these have no differences with mini ), but I just want to master basic of basic 101.


I’m sorry if you read about panda cutting art before but I want to challenge this one.


The panda data is already here so all I have to do is just uploading on the software, check the boundary, and set the parameter 800/100.

( Let’s see if this parameter is good enough)

fabool_laser_miniYeeees it worked !!

( I know it should work, but I was little worried if it works right still since I assembled  this lol )


The laser does all work so I just sit and wait.

So far so good. Parameter must be just right.




It was so easy so I was very skeptical.




Made it !!

It is very delicately beautiful.

Why don’t you try one?? you will be more amazed if you have this work in your hands.



So, next time I prepare the data by myself.

I have a picture that I really like so I exchange JPG to SVG on online free soft.


Then upload and wait !!



Does she look familiar??

Yes, hollywood star marilyn monroe!!


Even her beauty mark was cut out very well.


These work came out much better than I thought, so I should have made my own Christmas card with this.


Oh well, I still can make some birthday cards and those stuffs.

I bet people will be impressed !!


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