Work made with 1m*1m Expansion Kit Displayed at Museum in Kanazawa


On October 15th, 2016, a work that one of our dedicated users made using 1m*1m Expansion Kit was displayed at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, which is in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.


The museum has been introduced on multiple TV programs and has been popular in Japan.
The work displayed at the museum was created by Mika Iwai, who is an active artist living in Kanazawa, made
Website of Ms. Iwai

Her main works uses dyed textiles.
Until now she had been engraving the patterns shown below with hands, which was used for dyeing the 4m*2m cloth.
Dyeing cloth using this mold.

She has had a concern about the time it takes to finish a work since all of her works are a single piece of art and she had to do everything with hands.
Then this time, she tried a new way of creating her works, which was with the 1m*1m Expansion Kit for FABOOL Laser Mini.
Looks like our laser cutter did a good job since these detailed cutting or engravings are one of the fields that the laser cutters perform the best.



The fusion of light and sound produces such dreamy atmosphere.




Existing laser cutters’ [laser output]/[cutting area]/[price] were in proportion, so getting a laser cutter with 1m*1m cutting area could cost a few hundred thousand dollars.
However, we think there are needs for [large cutting are with relatively low laser output].

We hope more users will create new types of works using FABOOL Laser Mini + Expansion Kit!
We would be very happy if FABOOL could be a part of expanding the world of fabrication.

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