Offline Software is now available!


Offline version of the FABOOL Software is now released!
If you are using the browser in English, the software will also appear in English.



The basic operation is the same as the online version, but it requires you to install the updated driver even if you have already installed the older version.
Please install the new driver from the links below.

Linux・Raspberry Pi

To use the software offline, please go to on Google Chrome or Fire Fox.


These are the four main changes:

  • Logo and Name: Offline Software is named “FABOOL Software lite”.
  • Save icon: Save icon changed from cloud to floppy disc as the saving destination changed.
  • Data will be saved in local whereas it is saved in cloud for online software.
  • Log in/Log out: No need to log in or log out for offline software.

You can now enjoy laser crafting without internet!

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