Paper Cutout with Laser Cutter


This is a work example of paper cutout!


This is one of the examples people get attracted the most because of its precision.


Its precision is especially obvious around panda’s hair.



This is done by converting this drawing of panda into SVG data using free online tools.
It only takes a few minutes to create the importable data.


With laser cutter and engraver, you can cut with more precision than cutting plotter and it’s easier than with hands, too.

We usedFABOOL Laser Mini (1.6W model).
It took 25 minutes to finish.


You can make a paper cutout as big as 1x1m with FABOOL Laser Mini and 1x1m expansion kit!
We don’t have enough space to do it at the moment, but we’d love to try when do!

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