Laser cutter with Raspberry Pi 2

Previously in Laser Cutter with iPad and Raspberry Pi we used laser cutter using Raspberry Pi. However, it turned out that starting GUI on Raspberry Pi and opening a browser at the same time is too heavy to carry out a regular operation.

This time, finally we got the “Raspberry Pi 2 Model B”, so we tried to use our product, Smart Laser Mini (laser cutter) using the “Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.”

Since Raspberry Pi 2 is very small, we attached an acrylic plate next to the control board of the “Smart Laser Mini”.


It is look good and fitting well when viewed from the front.


If you placed about 7 inches monitor it should not be taking a lot of space, but because there was only 23 inches monitor that supports HDMI so it is taking more space as in the picture.


The “Raspberry Pi 2 Model B” was much faster than we expected.

When browser, it was not fast like a Intel computer, but if you are using it to operate the laser cutter, it is just good enough. Also you can buy it for about $40. It should be a good investment since it seems to be useful in many situations.

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