Total Control of FABOOL with Raspberry pi

Hi there. Currently the season in Japan is between Summer and Autumn, so the weather and temperature are unsettled. Anyway, we are now preparing for a big show event named Hobbyshow (link is in Japanese) in Tokyo Big Site from 30th September to 1st October.


Our booth is quite spacious, about 6x4m so that we will be exhibit all products; FABOOL Laser Mini, CO2 and DS.
CO2 and DS have been attached with a large screen for visitors to see the performance outside of the booth.



Usually a computer control just a laser cutter, but in the exhibition it is better for less space that a computer control multiple laser cutters.
So we tried to convert our products to be able to do it with Raspberry pi.


In this case, we did the setting that a computer is able to control four laser cutters via LAN with four Raspberry pi which had been installed dedicated software.


The test after the setting was successful that four laser cutters worked at the same time.

Raspberry pi is very suitable for your own making due to cheap, about $35. And it is useful for laser cutter. There are a lot of interesting video using it and Tips on many websites, so please refer to such video and information if you have interest.
As mentioned previous article, our blog will continue to post good examples with Raspberry pi little by little. Don’t miss it!

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