Bester sculpture on sweets : Okinawa “Chinsukou” version

Engraving on sweets

Smart Laser Mini has special skill for engraving on pancake, cracker or something sweets and foods.
At this time, We engraved on Okinawa traditional sweet “Chinsukou” using desktop laser cutter called ‚ÄĚSmart Laser Mini”


We did Vector processing at this time.
We made a data file by Inkscape. Please refer to the following manual how to make it.

SVGhow to make data files and processing

You can set “eggbot_hatch” is here

  1. Atch angle 0.0
  2. Hatch spacing 1.0
  3. Minimum hatch and gap length 0.5
  4. Tolerance 0.5

Setting for the software and total processing time.

  1. F:300 100%
  2. About 5 minutes



Processing data filesOkinawan sweet

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