Smart Shipping Operation

Hi guys.
Today’s article is about the shipping process. This is a sequel to the article about our warehouse.

The packages which has been delivered from China are not enough to ship to customers because they lack some parts.

It needs some operations by our shipping team; 1. Check a laser unit and 2. Pack lacking parts.

  1. Check a laser unit
    The team makes a final adjustment of a laser unit prior to shipment. This work is very important because a laser unit is the key part of laser cutter, so it is necessary to check whether work properly.
  2. Pack lacking parts
    Originally the packages include almost all parts, but there are some lacking parts. The shipping team pack them by hand in the warehouse. At this point, a laser unit which has been checked is also put into the package.


Here is the packages prior to the shipping process.


This is the packages before shipment.


After the shipping operation, the packages are affixed shipping label, then shipped to customers!

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