Make your “customized” smartphone


One of the things that people use all the time these days is smartphone.

With laser cutter and engraver, you can make the one and only smartphone case with your name or your favorite design.

Although is it difficult to engraved on metals, our laser cutter and engraver can engrave on anodized metals, which means you can engrave on iPhone and other Apple products, as well as all other anodized smartphone cases with FABOOL Laser Mini.

This time we engraved a logo on the back of iPhone and made it “customized” smartphone.

This is the data of our company’s logo that we used to engrave.

Processing Parameters
Machine: FABOOL Laser Mini (1.6W model)
Method: raster engraving
Parameter: 250mm/min, 100% laser power
Duration: 25 mins

We did it at lower speed so the outcome looked pretty nice!

This way you can engrave your name, company’s logo or the pattern you like to make anything “customized.”


Besides smartphone cases, these are a lot of anodized metals such as name card case and dog tags.

Give it a try to make your “one and only” belongings!

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