Starting 2018 with Maintenance

Hi there and Happy New Year !!

How was your New Year’s holidays ??

We are so sorry for inconveniences that we caused for new year’s holidays.
However, we are so ready to provide you the best products and services 2018!!
So, its me, new employee again.
I just finished cleaning up our office for passed 2017, ( Yes, in Japan some of companies and most of school clean up our offices and school on our own !! ) and today, starting first day of 2018 with maintenance of exhaust duct.

We broke down the duct and checked part by part.

We have Mini, CO2, and DS all lined up together in our showroom which is right next to our office, and each one has a duct tube which connected to exhaust duct.


If this duck doesn’t work right, our office would be filled up with bad smells so, this is our life savor !!

It may sound very small things to care, but these little cares change the performance of your products and environment.

Please check around your product once in a while.

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