The works our customer made

Hi there!!


I thought it would be pretty warm but Yamanashi is so windy today.


I came back to Yamanashi that I was born and raised from Tokyo while ago, and some of my friends there ask me if Yamanashi is snowing…lol

Our area doesn’t have snow that often.


Actually, Yamanashi doesn’t have much snow, maybe once or twice a year except those area close to Nagano and Mt.Fuji.


People have a wrong image about here.



Well, today I would like to introduce some of work examples that one of our customers made.



Trains and this tower.


These are made with Mini 3.5W by one customer.

I was like ” Hold on, Mini can cut thru that type of aluminium?”

I honestly thought so, but these are made of a piece of paper.

Can you believe it?

Do these look like made of paper ??


Let’s get close.



You really cannot tell they are paper right ??

When I hold this, it was very light so I finally started to think ” Yes this could be made of paper”



The train though.

It more difficult to tell its paper.




Even when I touched it, I could feel weight and saw some thickness.

It has a great painting,too.


If you get very close, and look very carefully, you can see a lot of papers are stacked which is the reason why you can feel weight and see thickness.


This one is easier to tell its paper since it hasn’t painted.



What do you think ??


Here is the details.


This little one had this much parts.

The user made all these told me thatĀ Valcanized fibre paper is very good to process with Mini.


It is very natural material, and not harmful.

It is also strong to fever, so you don’t see that paper was burnt.


He knew about materials so much and made these… I take my hats off to this user!!

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