Tools that we use

Hi, there!!


Today I would like you to show the tools that we always carry.


Well, I still don’t have those yet, so I am starting to collect them.


I have no idea what I need, so I just go ahead check the bag that my boss sit right next to me has !!


Here is the bag he always has.

It looks so simple, but he told me there are basic stuff he definitely need on exhibition.


Let’s see the inside.


The inside was pretty organized, and I cannot believe he is a guy lol


He is collecting red so it is kind of easy to identify what is his and others.


Those wrench is his most favorite things and use most.


If each items’ colors are linked like his, it looks like it all came together…kind of cute !!

I want to have all in my favorite color which is purple.


What kind of tool you use ??

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