Making PC stand with translucent acrylic

Recently we had been introducing works made with FABOOL Laser Mini so this time, bringing in fresh air a little bit, is about a work made with FABOOL/Smart Laser CO2), which has much higher power than FABOOL Laser Mini!

We used semi-clear blue acrylic to make a PC stand.


FABOOL Laser Mini cannot cut or engrave translucent materials such as acrylic because of its low laser output.
However, that’s when this comes in to play a role; the high power FABOOL/Smart Laser CO2 equipped with 40W laser!

We engraved our logo (PNG data) on the side with raster engraving.
Engravings look especially good on translucent surfaces.


The cut surface looks like this. It turns out somewhat rough, not completely smooth.
There are notches so that the PC does not move.

It was designed a little loose at J segment, but it turned out to be quite stable and practical.

More work examples are coming! Stay tuned…

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