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Background Removal

Today we wanted to do a bit of a software tutorial. Sometimes, you may have a photo you want to engrave, but you only want the main subject (a person, a child, a pet) without the background (outdoors, other people, a messy room). It can make your image clearer and save engraving time by removing the background.

Background Removal-01

We’ll show you two different ways you can remove the backgrounds from your photos.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop will require an Adobe subscription and will require you to download the software. First, open your photo in Photoshop.

Background Removal-02

Then, choose the “Selection” tool.

Background Removal-03

A: Selection tool
B: “New Selection”
C: “Add to Selection”
D: “Subtract from Selection”

With the selection tool, draw around the outline of your subject.

Background Removal-04

You can see it outlined the dog, but it went a little too far in some places. To adjust this, select the “Subtract from selection” button. Then, paint over the places you would like to remove (if you need to add something to the background it didn’t pick up, do the same thing but with the “Add to selection” button).

Background Removal-05

Once you have your background selected, simply hit the “Delete” key on your computer. You will then have a pop-up window. Choose to “Fill” the background with “White” (this may already be the default). SmartDIYs Creator will pick up the white background as transparent, so you don’t have to worry about making your image transparent.

Background Removal-06

Background Removal-07

You’re then background free! Just save this as a new image (or replace the old one if you want). You can make your own adjustments or change your settings to get different results than we did, but these are the basic steps to removing a background from a photo in Photoshop.

If you don’t want to download Photoshop (whether you’re not tech-savvy, don’t want to download anything, or want a free option), you can use the website We found out about this website through our users! All you need to do is visit their website and select “Upload Image.”

Background Removal-08

Their software will then process and automatically remove the background for you.

Background Removal-09

It did it near-perfectly; we just want to add back the part in the bottom left corner under the dog’s body and arm. To edit your photo, click the “Edit” button. Then, click the “Erase/Restore” tab. If you need to add something back to the photo, like we did, use “Restore.” If you need to delete more, use “Erase.” Then, paint over the parts you want to add or remove.

Background Removal-10

Then, click the download button to save your image! will call this a preview image; to get the “full image,” you will need to sign up for an account and subscription plan. However, if you’re only using this for SmartDIYs Creator, we found the free version to be fine. We made the photo as large as the Etcher Laser would allow and did not see any distortion or low-quality.

If you need to remove backgrounds from photos on your phone to use with the mobile Etcher Laser app, no problem! will also work in your phone’s web browser! Simply go to the website and follow the same steps.

Background Removal-11

And that’s it! We hope this helps; be sure to share with us any other tech tips you have for photo and image design!