Free file: a paper flower!
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Free file: a paper flower!

It’s been a while since we were all given the shelter-in-place orders. Though we must stay inside more than usual, the Spring outside is still beautiful. That’s why we’re introducing our new free file: a paper flower! Let’s all bring some Spring into our homes!

This craft is pretty easy, so even kids bored at home can enjoy! No need to worry about cutting: that’s what your laser is for!

Free file: a paper flower! - 001

This is the rose made out of just a few pieces of paper.

Tools you’ll need;
Paper, a glue gun, and a thin stick. The stick doesn’t have to be exactly like ours; just use something thin, like a dowel rod or even just a pencil.

Free file: a paper flower! - 002

First, download the template from here.

Cut out 2 pieces for the larger size (A), and 3 for the smaller size (B).
The parameters will depend on what kind of paper you are using and the color, but we used a 3.5W laser at 1000 speed/100% power, 1 pass, which was plenty. Remember, thicker paper or lighter colors may need a slower speed.

Free file: a paper flower! - 003

Now you’re ready to assemble.

We made this video so it’d be easy to follow; please do so and enjoy!

Free file: a paper flower! - 004

We made this flower box using different sizes of the roses to decorate!
Mother’s Day is just around the corner! This could also be part of your gift or the presentation!
Let’s stay home and craft!

Please share your works here and tell us your favorites and ideas!