Glass Etching
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Glass Etching

You may think you need to have a CO2 laser in order to etch glass. You’d usually be correct, but today we want to show you another way to etch glass! Today’s tip: using glass etching cream. Plus, you’ll need a stencil, which is something your Etcher Laser or FABOOL Laser Mini can create easily! This cream combined with your laser cutter can create great etchings.

Make a stencil template, attach it to the glass, and apply the cream. The laser will only etch where the cream touches.

What you’ll need

Glass Etching - 002

Glass that you want to etch (Make sure that the surface is clean and not dusty!)
Glass Etching Cream
Sheet for stencils (this can be anything, but it’ll be easier if it has some sort of adhesive, like a label or sticker sheet)
Heat gun or Hair Dryer if you want to use a curved surface


First, you’ll need to make a stencil to use as a template. We just used what was available at the office, so it is white, but it still cut easily. Only the sheet part was cut and was very easy to peel!

Parameter:1000/100% 1pass, 3.5W

Glass Etching - 003

We tried masking tape instead of the sheet, but when it was cut, the cutting surface was not smooth and clean. If it’s jagged, the image’s outline is going to be jagged on the glass too, so we recommend you use a sheet for this one!

Glass Etching - 004

Next, apply the stencil to the glass.

If you’re using a flat surface, you can just apply as is, but if you want it on a curved surface (like wine glasses for example), you’ll need an extra step! When you apply the sheet on the curved surface, you will see the sheet gets curled and bumpy. If that sheet is not attached to the glass very well, the cream will get in and under those spaces, and the laser can then etch those parts you don’t want to etch. So you’ll need to be careful attaching it; here’s a tip: use a heat gun, or just a hair dryer! Apply some heat to the sheet, and the sheet stretches as it heats up. Apply it little by little, stretching it and making sure it doesn’t get air or spaces between the sheet and glass.

Glass Etching - 005Glass Etching - 006

Finally, apply the etching cream! Please use this very carefully and follow the product’s guidelines. Apply it equally over all parts you want etched; however, the layer of cream doesn’t have to be too thick. In order for the cream to stay in place, keep the surface level, and leave it for about 15 minutes!

Glass Etching - 007

After waiting 15 minutes, wipe the cream off and wash the surface well with water.
(The cream we used is reusable, so we wiped the cream with a wooden spoon and put it back in the bottle!)
Wipe off the water, and remove your stencil sheet. Done!

Glass Etching - 008


For glass etching cream, you can purchase what we used here.

The art files are downloadable for free here!

We used affordable glasses from Walmart, but with etchings like this, it’s totally upgraded! If you etch someone special’s name, it can be a great gift for anniversary or birthdays too!

Stay home, stay positive, stay crafty!

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