Linus Media Introduces the FABOOL Laser CO2
User Interview and Review

Linus Media Introduces the FABOOL Laser CO2

The FABOOL Laser CO2 was introduced by Canadian tech Youtuber Linus Media.

Linus Tech Media’s channel continues to introduce information from various areas such as making gaming PCs and reviewing the parts used to build them, as well as visiting the factory where the products are made. Now, Linus Tech Media’s YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, has introduced the FABOOL Laser CO2.

In the video, the product was unboxed, assembled, and given various commentary from opening to processing.

What is Linus Media Group

Linus Media Group is a technology media group based in Canada. Among the channels they operate, “Linus Tech Tips” boasts over 8.8 million subscribers (as of July 2019), andwas named “Top 1% of YouTube’s ‘Google Preferred’ Channels for Advertisers” in 2014. In March 2018, they ranked 7th of YouTube’s most viewed technology channels in the world.

Video presenter Linus Sebastien has been posting videos on its channel since 2008 and has been involved in the production of 4100 videos thus far. In January 2013, with the current COO and CFO, established Linus Tech Media, ranked 4th in the “Top 30 most Influential People in the World of Technology by Inc. Magazine” and in recent years has become a considerable presence.

They found smartDIYs while searching for a powerful CO2 laser cutter at a low price in order to cut acrylic to make a PC case.

You can see them create the original computer case in the video below.

Generally, examples of laser cutter crafts center often around wood, however in the field of technology, it is possible to pursue performance and visuals using various materials and methods.

As mentioned in the review, it is possible to produce various things even with 3D printers, but in terms of time and cost effectiveness, there is an advantage to 2D laser cutters that can process more quickly. In addition to the PC case, it is possible to create various other stands, tools, and copies of products.

They are going to tune up the FABOOL Laser CO2 and aim for higher level works. We will also follow them in their future endeavors and how they progress.

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