Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Time flies, Spring is in full swing, and April is almost over. Coming up just as quickly: Mother's Day! One of the best gifts you can give someone is something personalized just for them! If you're looking for a one-of -a-kind gift for a mom this year, check out our ideas below, and use these free files to help!

Break Time!

We know moms work hard, so help her relax with these spoons and coasters for her refreshments!
They may be small, but by etching a custom design or message for your mom, they become the only item of its kind in the world!

Mother's day gift ideas-001

You can download these files below:
Mother's day files
Flower designs files


  • Wood spoon:
    3.5W  machineSpeed:  2000,  Power:  100,  Pass 1,  Hatching: 0.1
  • Cork coaster : 3.5W  machineSpeed: 5000,  Power: 80,  Pass 1,  Hatching: 0.1 

Custom Kitchen

These items were purchased from IKEA ; they're an easy place to find affordable items that are compatible with your laser.

This small cutting board is perfect for snacks, or spruce it up by using it as a cheese and charcuterie board!

Mother's day gift ideas-002

For this item, we used these flower designs .

Mother's day gift ideas-003
Mother's day gift ideas-004


3.5W  machine Speed: 2500,  Power: 100,  Pass 1,  Hatching: 0.1

This bigger cutting board is very thick and a great quality!

Mother's day gift ideas-005

We layed out some food design files and added text with the SmartDIYs Creator text function!

Mother's day gift ideas-006


3.5W  machine Speed: 2300,  Power: 100,  Pass 1,  Hatching: 0.1

Just you it was made for the kitchen, doesn't mean it has to stay in the kitchen! If you etch a picture for mom, it creates a unique piece of decor that stands out instead of just a frame !!

Mother's day gift ideas-007


3.5W  machine Speed: 2500,  Power: 100,  Pass 1, Hatching: 0.1

“Happy Mother's Day” design file is here .Add to the presentation with these paper roses! Please refer to our last blog for the details!

For another piece of decor, you can create a monogram with this laurel wreath !

Mother's day gift ideas-012

Set it out to decorate, or let mom mark what belongs to her!
We used these Farberware cutting boards from Amazon.


3.5W  machine Speed: 2500,  Power: 100,  Pass 2,   DPI: 254

Mother's day gift ideas-013

Customize Mom's utensils while maintaining the original smoothness!

Mother's day gift ideas-008

For this item, it's easy to add some originality by just adding a name! If you want to add more designs, check out ours here .

Mother's day gift ideas-009


3.5W  machine Speed: 3000,  Power: 100,  Pass 1,  Hatching: 0.1

Share Your Love

Give your mom a loving and thoughtful message inside this unique card.To create, we used one piece of paper for the outside design, then a second piece to give it a solid background.Download
the free data here !

Mother's day gift ideas-010

Every mother is special; this year, use your laser to give her a gift that's as one-of-a-kind as she is. We've added even more designs than we've shown in this blog, so please check our free design page! Mix-and-match to create a unique gift, or use our ideas as a jumping off point for your own creations!

We'd love to see how your gifts turn out! Please join our facebook group and share!