Things You Can Do With Cardboard
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Things You Can Do With Cardboard

In a previous article we did a comparison of cardboard cutting parameters, but how is cardboard actually used and what kinds of things can you make with it?

Let’s look at some examples from all around the world.


Lampshades are often seen in cardboard-constructed interior goods.Some of our customers have also made lampshades. Has anyone else reading here done the same?
They even play a role in some stylish café overseas.

The layers that make up the corrugated waves are called the ‘flute’.The light leaks through and gives it a nice atmosphere. Depending on the width of the flute, the amount of light that leaks through changes, so it’s important to keep in mind what kind of cardboard to use for the desired results.

Depending on how you use it, you can make a fashionable chair strong enough to sit on without crushing it.

You might think you’d need very strong cardboard to make a chair, but if designed well, you can use regular packing cardboard with great results.

For Kids

While children’s toys are on the rise in number, the often get bored with them pretty quickly. Don’t hesitate to get rid of them if they’re made of cardboard, it eco-friendly! It’s double the fun if you make them together with your kids. It could even be a good summer vacation activity!

Nintendo Switch is plenty popular, but do you know about Nintendo Labo?It’s an innovative toy in which you assemble the controller using cardboardYou learn the process of making crafts before playing the game which adds one more level of fun. It’s fun to think about making it together with parents or grandparents and kids.

Daily Necessities

Because it’s disposable, cardboard can be great for everyday items.A hanger, for example.

Plastic is often used, but it can break easily. Cardboard if another option that’s cheap, easy to find, and recyclable, so it’s super eco-friendly! If you have a store or brand, you can also print your logo on it as well.

Here’s a disposable grill made of cardboard!
It’s hard to believe it’s a cardboard grill, but it’s easy to assembly on the go, and easy todispose of when you’re done!

Cardboard flutes make great scratching posts, and here’s a cat bed from Instagram.


And here’s something new; a Lexus made from cardboard!

This one’s a drone.
And it actually flies, too.

Some people have also made cardboard architectural models.

Cardboard is an eco-friendly material with tons of applications and is also compatible with laser cutters.
Laser cutters are the perfect tool for cardboard processing, particularly if you want to pursuedelicate art with precision.
Ideas that may be daunting or even impossible to do by hand may become reality with a laser cutter.