Turning the Clocks
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Turning the Clocks

Daylight Savings is coming up this Sunday, which means we'll all be changing our clocks. We've actually seen a few users make clocks with the FABOOL and Etcher Laser before, so we decided to try it ourselves and share how!

Materials Needed

To make a clock, you will need a clock face, hands, and motor. The simplest thing to do is to buy both of these, but depending on what material you have and your mechanical savviness, you could make all of these items yourself! Or, you could buy the hands and motor, but cut out the clock face for a unique design.

We went with this plaque for the clock face, and this hands/motor kit, both purchased at Michaels.


Making The Face

The most important part of a clock is getting the number placement correct. There are different ways you can measure this: using a protractor, carefully using another clock, etc. Each number should be 30 degrees apart (360 degrees in a circle/12 numbers on a clock = 1 number for every 30 degrees). 

You can mark this in different ways; you can make sure the numbers are this far apart in your design, and etch all of the numbers at once. Our clock was a little too large to do all at once, so we marked the places with a piece of chalk.


Tip: To help make designing the face easier, we made a circle in Illustrator the size of the face to know how big our numbers should be. 

Placing your Design

As we said, our clock was too big to do all the numbers at once. We created each of our numbers as an individual object; this allowed us to position the 12, 3, 6, and 9 first, to help us line everything up. First, we etched the 3 and 9. Then, we rotated the clock to etch the 6 and 12. Remember, if you do this, you'll need to rotate your images as well. You can do that in the top right corner of SmartDIYs creator.

Tip: When in SmartDIYs Creator, use the "Y" position to make sure your numbers are perfectly in line.

After we had these markers down, we were able to etch the rest of the numbers.



Speed: 500

Power: 100

Times: 1


Once it was finished, we added our paint!

With your laser, it's easy to customize a pre-made clock, or even cut out your own shapes! What will YOU make with the extra daylight?