User Interview and Review


The FABOOL Laser Series has many customers overseas as well.
Here, we’ll take a look at a review from an actual customer.

The customer is a Canadian designer furniture store. It is called Oliver Apt. and they specialize in handcrafting minimalist designer Nordic furniture one-by-one. They have purchased the FABOOL Laser Mini 3.5W and Frame Set for Expansion. We interviewed designer Chris about his experience from assembly to actual use of the product.


How was the assembly process?

It was great to have the assembly instructions available on the website, though it wasn't super clear, to begin with, that we needed to look online. A very obvious welcome note that included this would have reduced the minor freak out we had when we thought we had to just wing it. We were stoked to see the inclusion of the quality tools needed to assemble the laser. Once we loaded up the step by step guide, we found it very detailed and easy to follow. We wanted to be sure that we had everything and all of the pieces were easily accessible, laying it out on the table really helped us get a bird's eye view of everything and overall, the assembly took us about 4 hours to complete.

get a bird's eye view of everything-1 get a bird's eye view of everything-2

Does it work how you imagined?

Given that we don't typically work a lot with electronics and assemble them from scratch, we were very delighted and when we connected the laser to power and everything seemed to work. Our only expectations leading up to the assembly was that it was a portable laser that worked like a CNC. So we knew that it was going to run along to axis's, and shoot lasers. What we learned after using it a few times was that its alignment was less dependant on the tracks and it was critical to reset it each time and always measure from "0,0". So we loosened the tracks and exported a Placement-Guide.svg, which we use on sample pieces at the same dimensions as our graphic, to ensure we're lasering exactly where we want to. Each time we laser it takes 2 to 3 test runs to make sure our alignment is exactly what we want.

shoot lasers-1 shoot lasers-2

How does it sound?

Mostly, it runs pretty silently with the majority of the sound coming from external fans we've set up to disperse the smoke that the laser makes when burning the hardwood. We have found that the CPU fan is louder on startup, but then settles and is very silent.

it runs pretty silently

What have you done with FABOOL Laser Mini so far?

We build a lot of furniture and wooden objects. Since we've had the laser we're mostly engraving personalized serving boards, beer tap handles, awards and of course our line of furniture.

build a lot of furniture and wooden objects-1 build a lot of furniture and wooden objects-2

Who would you recommend purchasing this FABOOL Laser Mini?

Whilst this is geared toward the entry-level user, there is still a fair bit of trial and error involved in becoming proficient with the laser. I would say that the skills needed to operate the laser would include a sound knowledge of graphics software like Adobe Illustrator, an understanding of raster and vector graphics, a clear understanding as to what their goals are and a patient mind to be able to test, iterate and perfect the use of the Fabool Laser Mini.

repeat the use of Fabool Laser Mini to perfection-1 repeat the use of Fabool Laser Mini to perfection-2

What are you planning to make with FABOOL Laser Mini and expansion frame kit?

Some of our objects are quite large, and we ordered the expansion frame kit with the intention of exploring what we could do on a larger surface area. At the moment, we're still aiming to perfect our mark making and branding on a smaller scale.

perfect our mark making and branding-1 perfect our mark making and branding-2

We greatly appreciate the valuable feedback and look forward to what sorts of furniture and original items Oliver Apt. will create. We use feedback from customers like these to improve our development and customer support.

We imagine some customers might anxious about things such as assembly, usage, and whether or not they can actually use the machine themselves before they make the purchase. Please use the opinions and impressions of real customers such as there as a reference point.

Note 1: This interview took place before the latest version of the FABOOL Series’ latest software, SmartDIYs Creator, was released overseas. SmartDIYs Creator has a text editing function as well as software-embedded asset data that does not require the use of external graphic software. (Asset data designs are limited but will be constantly added.)

Note 2: The difference between raster and vector files is described in detail on our blog.