Using a Laser Cutter in a Cafe
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Using a Laser Cutter in a Cafe

Hey guys, this is a bit random, but we just wanted to throw out the idea that you can use a laser cutter somewhere like in a café. We have a promo video on the top page of our site, but we thought we’d also introduce the idea here.

Complete Freedom with Café Items

The video above is of a café called ‘TREE’ we worked with in Kofu, (a city located in Yamanashi, Japan). In shooting the video, the items used in the café were made using the FABOOL Laser Mini. We’ll introduce them one-by-one!

café items-1

First up is this cup holder. It’s made with craft paper. The laser cutter was used to cut out the handles and the outline of the logo. They load their own design into our dedicated software and cut out the designs all at once.

café items-2

Next up, this cup sleeve. This one is made with cardboard. This cuts out the outline of the logo, but the letters are also engraved. Our products can cut and engrave at the same time, so these items can be made all at once.

café items-3

Next are these coasters. These are made from cork sheet. The burn patterns create a nice charm.

café items-4

Following up are these accent pieces. With a laser cutter, even these small detailed designs can be done in a snap without have to do anything by hand!

café items-5

Lastly, this apron. The laser can cut and engrave various materials besides just paper. By etching the café logo on a ready-made apron, they’ve completed another café original item.

We’ve introduced a few different items here and each would be bothersome and time consuming to make by hand; no to mention costly to outsource. If you use our laser machines, you just pay the initial cost and can freely create indefinitely afterwards. Why not give it a try?

And Finally...

café items-6

You can use the laser on food as well. Try it out on your own pastries and snacks.