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        Desktop Laser Cutting Machine - FABOOL Laser Mini

        An affordable, ready-to-assemble desktop laser cutter and engraver, capable of completing all kinds of tasks.
        About FABOOL Laser Mini

        $548.00 USD$798.00 USD Select optionsSelect options

        Frame Set for Expansion

        An expansion set for increasing the processing area of the FABOOL Laser Mini to 39.3inch×39.3inch (1m×1m), enabling you to cut with the same power on larger objects.

        Working Bed for FABOOL Laser Mini

        A metal processing bed that helps to protect your work surface, stabilize the laser, and reduce vibration.
        *You do not need to purchase this Working Bed if you are purchasing the Safety Cover.

        3.5W Laser Head for FABOOL Laser Mini

        A laser head upgrade to increase the processing power of the FABOOL Laser Mini from 1.6W to 3.5W.

        Protection Glasses for FABOOL Laser Mini

        Lightweight and easy to wear glasses that protect your eyes for laser transmissions.
        *FABOOL Laser Mini kit includes 1 pair of this product.