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Assemble high-power laser cutter and engraver FABOOL Laser CO2

Ready-to-assemble Laser Cutter and EngraverFABOOL Laser CO2

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CO2 Laser Cutter from front

A New Style of Fabrication

FABOOL Laser CO2 is the world's largest ready-to-assemble laser cutter and engraver. It uses high-power CO2 laser tube, has the cutting area as big as 23.6×17.3inch(600×440mm), and costs less than $3,000.

Low Price

Low Price

By using open source software and providing the buyer's self-assemble model, we created a low-priced laser cutter and engraver priced at $2,598.

Sufficient Machine Performance

Sufficient Machine Performance

Loaded with a high-end motor driver and a high-speed microcomputer chip, the FABOOL Laser CO2 is a laser cutter and engraver that fulfills various needs.



Large Working Area: 23.6"×17.3" Capable of working with large objects.

User-friendly Software

User-friendly Software

The free all-in-one software includes functions like creating and retrieving the processed data of products. Learn more.


Open Source

FABOOL Laser series are open sauce, including all mechanical, electronical, and software. You can see all stractures. Learn more.

What can I make with FABOOL Laser CO2?

Let's see what FABOOL Laser CO2 can make actually.

Panda's paper art is held

Paper Cutting

Leather with laser engraved

Engraving Leather

Etched iphone by laser cutter

iPhone & other Aluminite Materials

Etched fabrics by laser cutter

Denim & other Fabrics

Rubber stamp

Rubber Stamp

An acrylic computer stand

Clear Materials

Light shade made with paper

3D Shapes

A chair made with woods


Works with…

FABOOL Laser CO2 can cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, paper, etc.

Materials Cuts Engraves Notes
Veneer -
Balsa wood -
Particle board -
Cork -
Clear Acrylic -
Black Acrylic -
Materials Cuts Engraves Notes
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Due to high toxic fumes created.
High impact polystyrene sheet ✔(~0.19inch) -
ABS sheet ✔(~0.19inch) -
Polyester plates ✔(~0.19inch) -
Double sided tape - -
Decorative Films - -
Cut-out sticker - -
Materials Cuts Engraves Notes
Real leather -
Artificial leather -
Suede -
Velour -
Paper -
Coated paper -
Cardstock -
Carton -
Japanese paper(Washi) -
Materials Cuts Engraves Notes
Polyester -
Nylon -
Cotton -
Silk -
Felt -
Materials Cuts Engraves Notes
Aluminium -
Anodized aluminum -
Stainless steel -
Iron -
Glass -
Materials Cuts Engraves Notes
Chocolate -
Pancake -
Laver -
Fruit,Vegitable -
Rubber ✔(~0.08inch) -
PolyStyrene Foam -
Carbon sheet -

*Cutting is up to 0.39inch (10mm)

FABOOL Desktop

FABOOL Desktop is software that operates FABOOL products. There are two ways for cutting and engraving: one is the “Vector method” where the laser moves along a line, and the other is “Raster method” where the laser moves horizontally as it fills up the area. Read more.

Laser Cutter and Engraver, FABOOL Desktop UI on the computer

FABOOL Laser CO2 From $2,598.00

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Work Area 23.6×17.3inch (600×440mm)
Laser CO2 Laser
Supported Processing Method Vector engraving, Raster engraving
Supported OS Windows7 and more, Mac10.11.6 El capitan and more
Supported File png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, tif, svg, dxf
Accessories Protection glasses, USB cable, AC cable
Power Supply AC110V (50Hz/60Hz) / AC220V (50Hz)
Size 35.8×32.2×14.9inch (910×820×380mm)
Operating temperature 68F (20℃) to 86F (30℃)
Continuous operating time Under 30 minutes
A recommended environment Temperature : 41F (5℃) to 104F (40℃), Humidity : 25% to 50%
Weight About 110lbs (50kg)

*Please refer to FAQ for other specifications.

*These specifications may change as the product upgrades.

Laser radiation is very dangerous. Please watch for fire. It can cause burns and damage to the eyes if not careful. The user -is responsible for any damages and losses that may occur through the use of the machine.
This product requires self-assembly. Please read the manual provided on our website beforehand.
The edges of the acrylic plates and stainless steel plates are very sharp. Please wear gloves to prevent from cutting your hands.
Please make sure that all screws and nuts are tightly fixed before operating the machine.
Please read the instruction manual first to see whether it is feasible to assemble on your own.
Product Warranty
If there are any bugs or defects on parts, please report to us within 30 days of delivery. We will fix or exchange the machine free of charge. We cannot take care of any damages other than initial failures.
Please do not use over 30 minutes continuously and at temperatures over 86F. Damages caused by not following these instructions will not be covered under warranty.


From $2,598.00

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We offer a 10% discount to military and students!

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