FABOOL Laser Mini Manual

10. Height Adjustment of Laser Unit, Preparation for Cutting/Engraving

Height Adjustment of Laser Unit

*When cutting or engraving with FABOOL Laser Mini, there has to be a space of 3mm in between the laser unit and material you want to cut or engrave for the focus purpose. Please adjust the height appropriate for the thickness of the material.

Use the height adjustment acrylic (part ID: A-5).
*It is covered with scratch protection sheet. Please remove it when using.

How to Adjust Height

1) Put the material under the FABOOL Laser Mini and place height adjustment acrylic on the material. Then, place them under the laser unit.

height adjustment acrylic plate

2) Loosen the dial screw on the side of user unit and lower the laser unit until the bottom part hits the height adjustment acrylic. Tighten the dial screw on the side of optical carrier. Make sure to remove the height adjustment acrylic after fixation.

how to adjust height
how to adjust height

Please note that if the dial screw is not tight enough, optical carrier might be loosened while cutting and engraving, and the laser unit might fall off.

how to adjust height

It would look like this after height is adjusted.

after height is adjusted

Preparation for Cutting and Engraving

List of Parts

list of parts

Part Name Part ID Qty
AC adapter D-6 1
AC cable D-6 1
USB cable B-1 1

*For part ID, please see FABOOL Laser Mini packing list

Operation Check

*At this point, laser should not be radiating when you plug. Should it starts radiating, please unplug it immediately, stop assembly, and contact us.

*When you plug it, please wear safety glasses and place material such as wooden board underneath the laser unit to protect the desk.

Connect AC adaptor with AC cable.

connecting AC adapter and AC cable
connecting AC adapter and AC cable

Connect PCB case with AC adaptor.

Connecting PCB case and AC adapter
Connecting PCB case and AC adapter

Connect PCB case with USB cable.

Connecting PCB case and USB cable
connecting PCB case and USB cable
connecting PCB case and USB cable

Connect the other side of USB cable with PC.

connecting the other end of USB cable with PC

Connect AC cable with the outlet (AC100V).

connecting SC cable with the outlet

Check that the DC fan in PCB case is spinning.

Checking spinning of DC fan in PCB case

Check that the DC fan in laser unit is spinning.

checking spinning of DC fan in laser unit

Placing Protector for Base

*We recommend to use the protection cover when using FABOOL Laser Mini, but if you do not, please put a board to protect the base.
We recommend to use a steel board, stainless plate, or other inflammable materials (dark color so that the laser radiation does not reflect as much). Please make sure to use a big enough one that covers the entire area used for cutting and engraving.

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