Buying Guide

About the Online Demonstration

If you would like to experience our product but are having some trouble taking that first step, we are offering online demonstrations. We will explain and answer questions while showing you the product and processing examples in action. Also, if you send the materials and data in advance, we can demonstrate using those specific materials.

For online demonstrations, you must complete the reservation form. For those who wish to use this service, please fill out and submit the form after reading through th preparations and precautions.

Target Devices

Reception Times

  • Monday-Fridays (excepting holidays) from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • *By Appointment Only
  • *Depending on certain work and reservation factors, we may not be able to guarantee the desired time.

Advance Preparation

Video support will be conducted via ‘’ an online video chat service. There is no need for customers to register for this service as we will provide a URL with which to access the chatroom in which the demonstration will be conducted.

What to Prepare in Advance

Please have all of the following ready.

  • One of the following:
    A computer (with a camera and mic, and either Google Chrome of Firefox browsers installed), or a smartphone/tablet (iPhones/iPads must have the app installed)
  • Internet/Wi-Fi network (3.2MB/sec communication speed recommended)

For Those Who Send Materials/Data

About Sending Materials

We ask that the customer pays return shipping costs. The material will be returned to the address entered by the customer.

Delivery Address:
7155 Coffeeville Cv, Memphis, TN 38133
smartDIYs Inc.

About the Data

If you wish to have a demonstration with your own original data, please create and send the data in one of the following formats. In addition, please fill out the processing size of the data, or send a screenshot so that it is easier to understand.

svg: For letters and shapes, please set a different color for pass and stroke (outline).

dxf: For those who wish to cut and engrave at the same time, separate the layers for cutting and engraving and assign them different colors. Delete any layers not necessary for the processing. Please save them in R12 format.

*We may have to adjust the processing size.
*Please send the data along with the form.


  • Processable materials and sizes change depending on the product model. Please check the website in advance.
  • In order to improve our service, audio and video may be recorded during support. All information obtained through video support is properly managed internally according to our privacy policy, and is used only for the purpose of improving product and service quality and convenience.
  • Reservations are not complete when the application is submitted. We will contact you within one business day after confirming the content application, so please be sure to check your email. If you do not receive an email, check the spam folder etc.

About the Sample Test Request

Not sure if your material is compatible with laser cutters ?? Don't worry, we can test the material for you for free if you send a piece of of it!

Please fill out the following form and submit it.
Then send the material to us at:
7155 Coffeeville Cove, Memphis, TN 38133


  • We will not accept more than 3 kinds of materials. If you send more than 3, we will choose 3 from what you sent.
  • We will not accept more than 2 processing data files. If you send more than 2, we will choose 2 from what you sent.
  • This service is free of charge. Limit one request per person.
  • As some materials may contain toxic substances (such as PVC, vinyl, etc.) please notify us of the material contents in the "Material" column. In the event of materials that contain toxic substances, those which may be dangerous when processed by the laser, or those which we deem we cannot accept by our own judgement, we may refuse a request after we provide reasoning.
  • Even in the event that we accept a sample, if any strange odors or potentially toxic gases are produced during processing, we may decline to continue processing. In such cases, we will report the situation to the customer and this will serve as the processing result report.
  • Processing result reports will consist of laser parameters, time required, and photos of the outcome. Please note that sample request materials cannot be returned unless received with a prepaid return label enclosed.


Customer will cover shipping charges. If you wish to receive the tested material back, please enclose the return label in the shipment. Otherwise, we will send pictures of the results, but we will not return the material.


Please note that it will take 1-2 weeks for you to receive the report on the results. However, it can take longer depending on the request and company schedule and events, so please understand we cannot guarantee the time.